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We all know that’s really difficult to stay upto date with your applications and to be honest if the application doesn’t check for new updates itself and notice you about newer versions not many people take the time to check their applications if they’re up to date.
And for sure it’s no easy job to take care of all applications you’re using, the more popular ones and more often used ones are checked from time to time, or when some error occur. But what about some not so often used apps you catched ages ago and you can’t remember where you got them from? For each app you have to search and see if there’s a newer version, and if so you have to update it to the latest version…that’s no pleasure.

But there’s now a light on the end of the tunnel:Personal Software Inspector(PSI) by Secunia(Secunia is the leading Security firm currently) will cover this gap. It’s aim is to provide you with all informations needed to check your applications if they’re up to date and if needed to update them fast and easily.

How it works

After you installed the application, it does a system scan to find all known applications(currently it detects 4,2k different apps, more to come). After the Scan is done you see a list with all out of date applications which where detected, as well as all applications which are no longer supported. You can also view all secure applications, if you like to.
For all out of date apps you get a direct link to an update package, for some you get as well a Secunia Advisory-page link, where you can read something about the vulnerability which is closed in the never version.
All you need to do is to click the link next to your outdated software and an update will be installed, and whoosh you run the latest version, without many work of yours! Isn’t that great?

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