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I just read today the latest issue of Pc Praxis, a german computer magazine. They started a series about WordPress the current issue covers how to install WordPress. The next issue of the series will cover the best tips and Plugins for WordPress, the last issue will then cover the theme how to earn money with Blogging.
For sure it’s nice to see that WordPress gets so much attention within the german speaking area, as WordPress is really nice and it’s popularity and mass of available Plugins can’t be simply kept secret. But it seems that the same mistake the developers of WordPress make or made, this magazine is doing as well.
They’re not covering the area of how to secure your Blog. The only tip you get about how to improve your security is to drop the default admin account and add another Administrator-account who holds the same rights, which is harder to Enumerate, but not impossible to.
Together with I’m trying to get an additional issue which covers the security issue more deep than it’s currently done and planned.

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