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As you surely noticed already a few weeks ago, Project Honey Pot announced that they’re now also tracking Comment Spammers. And they’re doing it quite successfully, the current rate of newly catched spammers is around 100 per day. Part of the success is for sure the the http:BL Plugin for WordPress, which can be grabbed here. Which made http:BL more known, and in order to use this Plugin you need a Project Honey Pot Account and if you have an account it’s not much work to get your own Honey Pot.

http:BL the success

Many users from http:BL WP Plugin reported that their daily Spam value dropped dramatically from 100 and above, to just a handful Spam Comments per day, some also report that they don’t receive any Spam at all after setting up this Plugin and Service.
For myself I got some similar figure but not too successful at all, my Spam count is still around 15-20 per day, but the amount dropped around 66%. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aren’t you bugged of all this evil around you and in the world? Not Even the Internet is a nice place.
Everywhere are phisher, Spammer, Harvester, Viruses, Trojans and so on. But that’s no reason not to give some love to your visitors by handling them over some sweet( for sure in digital kind!).
I mean if no one starts to be nice, the web never changes.

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