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I’m proud to announce that the latest Version of PhBad Behave is now available. Anyway the changes are quit minor and are limited to the changed Bad Behavior Script Version which is now 2.0.12. With this Version some possible problems on Webserver with PHP5 should be gone. As well as the latest problem with locking out legit Users from the Backend(or in general) should be gone as well. Delicious is although no longer blocked by Bad Behavior, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for a Forum if it would be so.

You can get the latest version as Usual, here.

Some last point I want to mention: I’m planning to stop the support of PhBad Behave for phpBB 2, as the latest version of phpBB is already available, which offers alot more features and security. Therefore I recommend everyone to switch to phpBB 3. Anyway it may be possible that I release some newer Version of PhBad Behave if I think it’s worth the time.

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Everyone who does some working for Americans or work on US freelance Websites will know this problem mostly. You get payed with $, but your countries currency isn’t the Dollar, it’s the Euro, Yen, Pound or whatever so you need to get your money changed, which is a losely deal, by the current exchange rates of 1.44$=1€ and higher. We need a way out of that misery, while one or two years ago by exchange rates of ~1.10$=1€ you were able to compensate these rates by slightly increased prices for your work.
But nowadays you wouldn’t get any job if you would still behave like that(or much less that before). My current way is take the Dollars, then I’m gonna Buy stuff from American websites and let it be shipped to me home(although if I have to pay some additional taxes for my country, I’m getting it cheaper). But the problem for that is directly next to it, you surely can’t get everything from the US, like your bread, your bills payed and so on. So we still need another one.

One would be to use some other Freelance websites, where the allowed currency isn’t limited to Dollar only, so at least people from outside the Dollar world could profit from it. But that’s hard to find, as well as to get the success from the global players as well to your local Freelance Websites. Personally I wouldn’t say that I master the problem perfectly, and it will get more worse as the fall of the Dollar didn’t stopped nor it’s likely that it will happen soon.
Do you have some real good approach, or something you really recommend? Feel free to tell it.

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Just the latest example how stupid I can be sometimes:
I’ve dropped yesterday my Linux Partition from my laptop. It wouldn’t be that problematic if it hadn’t the Boot session on it. Anyway I didn’t noticed that big mistake until I restarted my Laptop and encounter some Error while Loading GRUB.
After the first seconds of thinking, what happened, I started to knock my head against the table(not really:)). As soon as I stopped to hate myself I made a search for a solution and quickly found an Answer: Start your PC with your Recovery CD and run fixmbr and fixboot. Ok, no big deal…as long as you have your Recovery CD with you, but I didn’t…(second time some knocking, was hearable).

So my next try was to get some Recovery Application on the base of some small DOS Boot, I found quickly something, anyway it didn’t worked for XP(at least for my PC it didn’t).
Next I’ve inserted the Vista Recovery from some friend( I would like to mention that without any Install you can run already some Safe-Mode like Vista…with working Notepad, aso.). I was even able to start a Cmd.exe, but the next shock wasn’t far as I noticed that fixmbr&fixboot didn’t worked within Vista. A new search was on the way, on how to get fixmbr&fixboot working on Vista Recovery CDs, again I had luck and found soon, a solution…you have to call them as Parameter through some other application:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot

I’ve applied both commands, the had be done correctly and after a Restart I was able to Boot Windows again. The only good point is that I don’t have to take care on startup if the correct OS is selected, anymore :D .
A side note for the next time I make any changes to an OS, be sure to have the recovery CD near myself!

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Normal CAPTCHAs just protect you from Spam, and already some of the easier ones can be read by Bots or are breakable without even using OCR technology, so they aren’t protect you any more. Daily, Internet user solve 60 million CAPTCHAs which sum up to a total time consume of 150 thousand hours a day.
And as a current trend within the Internet to share work to get it done faster, it just was a question of time when someone invents a CAPTCHA which not only protects you from Spam, it also uses this time useful.

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As you surely noticed already a few weeks ago, Project Honey Pot announced that they’re now also tracking Comment Spammers. And they’re doing it quite successfully, the current rate of newly catched spammers is around 100 per day. Part of the success is for sure the the http:BL Plugin for WordPress, which can be grabbed here. Which made http:BL more known, and in order to use this Plugin you need a Project Honey Pot Account and if you have an account it’s not much work to get your own Honey Pot.

http:BL the success

Many users from http:BL WP Plugin reported that their daily Spam value dropped dramatically from 100 and above, to just a handful Spam Comments per day, some also report that they don’t receive any Spam at all after setting up this Plugin and Service.
For myself I got some similar figure but not too successful at all, my Spam count is still around 15-20 per day, but the amount dropped around 66%. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are you bored and don’t know what to do? Ever tried to have fun while working with Google?
You have to try it, it can be real fun!

Google Code Search

This service was made public by Google in October last year. The sense behind this feature is to make it easier for programmer to search for Code examples. The Source Code which you get as result was crawled by Google at websites all over the web. The Source Code you can view is open source, so no copyright problems are caused.

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Google crawled in the year 2005 around a billion pages to find out what Tags and Tag attributes are used within them.


So this Study shows for example that within the <html> the attribute xml:lang is quite often used, but it’s totally senseless within a HTML Document as no HTML processor does look at it.
It also shows that many people aren’t able to write values within quotes, so mostly wrong attributes and values for them would be the answer.
As you also can find out is that the meta name revisit-after is useless as just one Spider ever looked at this attribute.

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Did you ever felt within yourself when you saw some graffiti, the desire to spray one by yourself? But you don’t want to spray something at other people buildings, or you don’t have the money to do so. Or you even want to stop to do it, then here is the website for you.
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I just uploaded the latest BETA version of phBad Behave, which is working well although I currently didn’t add an admin Panel nor is the Install.mod file the best one :( . Anyway I recommend that you prefer already this version as this one blocks alot more than the old phBad Behave.

The current version can be grabbed here.
Please report any problems with it.

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I just found the Christmas Gimmick within Anno 1701, it’s a Christmas tree which appears on the market place. I have also to say that you should hope to have Anno on your wish list as this is just a great game. The missions which comes with it aren’t too long, but they make much fun and they’re well done. I can just hope that they will release soon other missions.

The Christmas gimmick of Anno 1701
Yeah it looks a bit strange to see a colorful Christmas tree without any snow surrounding. But hey that’s just like it looks in Germany and Europe too :) .

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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