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The PageRank was added by Google, to classify how important a Page seems to be to a special Keyword or Keyword List. Therefore the plan was to improve the search results with the PageRanking. The higher your PageRank is, so much better is the chance for your Page to appear at a top position for search results about this Keyword, the less the PageRank is the less will be the position. Although the PageRank isn’t everything to define your result Position. It depends also from which sites Link to this Page, how many Traffic your Website gather and sure something more, which only some employees of Google will know.
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Today’s Ad programme review is about one of the most used and innovative ones in the Last few Years. Google Adsense, is for publishers so called Adsense Users as well as for Advertisers, Adwords User, easy to work with. And efficient as the Advertising just get showed on content related websites. So the Advertisement is as specific as possible, and therefor most money generating as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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