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The last few days I had problems to enter the Backend of my WordPress account. I just read what the reason was.
Michael dropped some Blacklist from his Server, so every checked IP was reported as bad one, and therefore blocked, although legit Users and the Site owner as well. I fought that problem by disabling the Plugin as I wasn't able to locate the reason of the problem.

Anyway I just read a post where the cause is explained and where a new Version is made public which fixes the Problem. Mostly it will as well influence the usage of phBadBehave(although I can't verify it as I don't run any phpBB 2.x board anymore) Although I planed to stop the Support for phBad Behave, I'm releasing another Version which will fix the problems, but that will mostly be the last Version for phpBB 2.x.

As phpBB 3.0 is now finally available, I'm starting the offical work on the BadBehavior Port for this Version, I hope that I can release a first version soon. But as I'm currently quite busy with my studies and other stuff it could take a while, but I'm optimistic.

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Everyone who does some working for Americans or work on US freelance Websites will know this problem mostly. You get payed with $, but your countries currency isn’t the Dollar, it’s the Euro, Yen, Pound or whatever so you need to get your money changed, which is a losely deal, by the current exchange rates of 1.44$=1€ and higher. We need a way out of that misery, while one or two years ago by exchange rates of ~1.10$=1€ you were able to compensate these rates by slightly increased prices for your work.
But nowadays you wouldn’t get any job if you would still behave like that(or much less that before). My current way is take the Dollars, then I’m gonna Buy stuff from American websites and let it be shipped to me home(although if I have to pay some additional taxes for my country, I’m getting it cheaper). But the problem for that is directly next to it, you surely can’t get everything from the US, like your bread, your bills payed and so on. So we still need another one.

One would be to use some other Freelance websites, where the allowed currency isn’t limited to Dollar only, so at least people from outside the Dollar world could profit from it. But that’s hard to find, as well as to get the success from the global players as well to your local Freelance Websites. Personally I wouldn’t say that I master the problem perfectly, and it will get more worse as the fall of the Dollar didn’t stopped nor it’s likely that it will happen soon.
Do you have some real good approach, or something you really recommend? Feel free to tell it.

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As there’s currently some discussion ongoing if WP 2.3 should send your plain URL to (while checking for some newer versions of your plugins you use), or not.
I would like to mention one alternative, at the same time I’ll cover some lacks of this one as well.

WP-Plugins DB

The WordPress Plugins DB is quite new, but already some big resource for Plugin Versions. It’s created and managed by Sugan Shan. You need to install some additional Plugin from the Website in order to use this Website, you can grab your copy here. After you activated that Plugin you can let your Plugin Versions be checked for the latest release, by visiting the Plugin admin page.

Now we reach already some currently big problem of that Project. It’s managed fully by Sugan, so if he hasn’t enough time to update the Plugin versions, you may think you run the latest version, while you don’t do. Maybe it doesn’t even needs to be a lack of time, from what he suffers. He may only don’t know about some never Version of a given Plugin. You can create as well your own Developer account on that Website, but it doesn’t offer the features does, nor what does.
But this fact doesn’t need to mean anything as the project is quite new, and many exciting features may come with the time.

WP 2.3 Build-in

As mentioned above WP Plugins DB, suffers under the lack of some features, which are offered on for Plugin developers. Maybe it’s not intended to be anything like or WP-Plugins. So you can’t keep track upon your Plugin Downloads and you’re not able to compare them with your competitors. But the Plugin doesn’t sends anything home, except your Plugins name and Version, and mostly that data isn’t even stored. Where does store your URL as well, in plain text. So that may be the biggest pro for that Plugin. Matt doesn’t even know for what these URL data could be useful, so why don’t he add that step if it would be needed(or at least useful)?

How to get rid of it

So if you don’t like to have your Blog URL stored on and don’t want to use that function at all you can disable it, by doing some change to one WP core file. The file you need to edit is wp-admin/includes/update.php.
After you opened the file move to this line of code:

43 function wp_update_plugins()

Now add after that line this one:

return false;

Save the file. Now your blog doesn’t use the Update Checker from WP any more(as long as you apply the change to every newer Version of that file).

If you only want to prevent it from submitting your real Blog Url, change this line from the same file:
85 $http_request .= 'User-Agent: WordPress/' . $wp_version . '; ' . get_bloginfo('url') . "\r\n";
To something like:
85 $http_request .= 'User-Agent: WordPress/' . $wp_version . '; \r\n";

Why WP suffers too

Anyway repository of Plugins, isn’t anything near to be a complete snapshot of all WP Plugins out there. As only Plugins get added who are under a GPL compatible license released.

And even that isn’t a guarantor to be added.
So it may be that you be better with using WP-Plugins Tracker than the build-in WP function.


So as you see there’s no perfect Solution available currently which covers every area fully. But from my point of view the WP-Plugins DB is the better way for it as everything can get added, equal under which license it’s published or if there’s a commercial Pro Version of it. And why should security checking stop by borders like license or Money?
As the Plugins DB isn’t perfect at it’s current state, we maybe need to use both versions in order to keep track with our Plugins and security.

Update:I just found these Plugins which disable the Core Update and Plugin Update functions.

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We all know that’s really difficult to stay upto date with your applications and to be honest if the application doesn’t check for new updates itself and notice you about newer versions not many people take the time to check their applications if they’re up to date.
And for sure it’s no easy job to take care of all applications you’re using, the more popular ones and more often used ones are checked from time to time, or when some error occur. But what about some not so often used apps you catched ages ago and you can’t remember where you got them from? For each app you have to search and see if there’s a newer version, and if so you have to update it to the latest version…that’s no pleasure.

But there’s now a light on the end of the tunnel:Personal Software Inspector(PSI) by Secunia(Secunia is the leading Security firm currently) will cover this gap. It’s aim is to provide you with all informations needed to check your applications if they’re up to date and if needed to update them fast and easily.

How it works

After you installed the application, it does a system scan to find all known applications(currently it detects 4,2k different apps, more to come). After the Scan is done you see a list with all out of date applications which where detected, as well as all applications which are no longer supported. You can also view all secure applications, if you like to.
For all out of date apps you get a direct link to an update package, for some you get as well a Secunia Advisory-page link, where you can read something about the vulnerability which is closed in the never version.
All you need to do is to click the link next to your outdated software and an update will be installed, and whoosh you run the latest version, without many work of yours! Isn’t that great?

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As you can read there:Joomla! 1.5 Beta-2 status the next Beta of Joomla 1.5 gets closer. Currently they have nearly all known bugs fixed(just 18 out of 860 or so are still open, can’t receive concrete information as the tracker makes some problems). The current Code freeze for the Beta-2 is set to 10th March, so just 4 days to go.

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Google Webmaster:

Yeah for sure this isn’t in anyway NEW any more, but Google Webmasters got some useful new features added( Ok just three or so…).
At first the one which is in my eyes the best one. A while ago when some error with your Sitemap was caused you didn’t saw what the reason for this error was. And therefore it was damn hard to find out what the error was and how to fix it. Atleast if you hadn’t some clue about it. In the latest version of Googles tool you get a detailed Error report, which makes it to a no-brainer to fix the problem.
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Although I didn’t got the problem with Bad Behavior and the post blocking working. I want to say that within the Spamblocker suite you should have for your phpbb powered board. phBad Behave shouldn’t be missed.
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As I just did read Joomla 1.0.10 is out. As the developer say it’s highly recommened to update as all together are 9 security fixes includeded where 3 are high level security fixes.

Update as soon as possible to the latest version.

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As I just deleted the old Post I redo it.
I received in the last days my copy of the book Building Websites with Joomla. It’s the featured book on Joomla.
I want to try to make a small review for all who are curious about the book and maybe want to buy it theirself.
It covers nearly everything from the Installation up to creating own Extensions. Read the rest of this entry »

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As I just found out is that all sites at aren’t valid html. So I’m going to change these mistakes, atleast the ones which are caused through my work…
If you like to check your site if it’s valid HTML you can use this website: W3C Markup Validation Service.

I hope your website is more valid than mine is :)

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