As phpbb 3 comes even more close I’ll start porting Bad Behavior to phpbb 3. The first release will be available at the end of April.
The Support for phBad Behave 2 for Version phpbb 2.0.x versions will just be supported to the end of the year(maximum). Which will be only Bug-fixing and updates to the latest Version of Bad Behavior. For the phpbb Version some new features will be build in. Maybe some Ajax, mostly features which make the working easier.
Have you any wish which shall be implemented? Feel free to comment about it here.

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  1. Tero says:

    Hello Sir,

    Is there bad behave to phpBB 2.0.16 ?

    I asked from maker of Badbehavior whether it works in phpBB, he said one version have some potential problems. Do you know version which works and where i could find it ?

    I asked it from here:

  2. Philipp says:

    The latest Bad Behavior version which is out, is: PhBadBehave 0.51BETA based on Bad Behavior 2.0.9( ). And isn’t to be known to have some problems. I had some initial problems with porting the Version 2.x over to phpbb, these problems where in the kind of also legit Submissions where blocked, but this is fixed since a while. The current Version should work mostly with all 2.0.x releases of phpbb, although I didn’t tested it before the version 2.0.19. If you’re using PHP 5.2.x there could be a problem with Bad Behavior itself as it has in the version 2.0.9 some problems with it( don’t know if previous versions are also affected). As the last PhBadBehave version is based on BB 2.0.9 it will mostly have as well problems, but I would port it for you to BB 2.0.10( as final phpbb 2.0.x release). I started as well the work on porting BB to phpbb 3.x as you can read above, I hope to release a first beta as soon as phpbb is final.
    As much I know I’m the only one who offers a port of BB for phpbb, Download link is the posted one above.

    Hope that helped, if not feel free ask me for more.

  3. Tero says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for answer.

    Would it be possible to ingtegrate Bad behavior also to normal html pages ?

    Somehow like this ?

    ps. I do not know nothing about programming. i just use Google :)

  4. Philipp says:

    Hi Tero, as you could read at the given link you can see that in general if your host offers PHP, you’re able to run php code although within a html file. You just need an additional file which regulates that the php code will be executed. If you have no possibility to run PHP within your webspace, you can’t use Bad Behavior at all as it needs PHP to run( the only way to solve the problem would be to switch your hosting plan or hoster at all). Another way to protect all your files could be this: See Comment Number 20 Anyway this needs as well an PHP enabled host.

  5. Tero says:

    Sir, I implemented your phbad behave for phpbb 2.0.16.

    It is really great. Before it come 500 spam messages a day. Now only 1 and it was human made. Thank you a lot. Really a lot!!!

    installation was also very easy.


  6. Philipp says:

    It’s nice to hear that you have such a big success with it. But is there any special reason why you use phpbb 2.0.16 as this version is by far not the latest and there are some vulnerabilities discovered within therefore you should update to the latest which is 2.0.22. I could help you to update your forum to the latest version if you like.
    If you want you can stay tuned, as I’m planning to port Bad Behaviour as well over to phpbb 3.x as soon as I find the time for it.
    (I have already some working version, but no admin interface, therefore no release.)

  7. SimonRaven says:

    Hmm, I note you said "end of April", and that was for last year; so when is this thing coming out? It would do a lot to block even the attempts at trying to register a user and make posts, as I get a lot of that, I’m sure others do too.

  8. William says:

    I found out about Bad Behavior through a programmer working on making SubDreamer a better product, then I came across your application for phpBB forums (phbadbehave2). It seems this is terribly outdated and I was curious if you were going to update this or at least point me out to where I could find an implementation of this product for phpBBv3 using the latest version of Bad Behavior. Thanks in advance! William

  9. Philipp says:

    Hi Simon, I’m short in time since some time…so I hadn’t time to get on it, as well as there wasn’t any Problem to date with phpBB 3, so I’m a bit lazy with this as well. I’m trying to get one done to the end of this year.

    William, I’m not aware about any version for phpBB 3. But as told above I try to get one done within this year.

  10. Will says:

    Any chance you still alive and working on it?

    If abandoned could you just release your source code of what you had so far, please?

  11. Administrator says:

    Hi Will,

    yeah the project was quite dead for some time. But I just started working on it: you can find the project page under If you want to participate to the project feel free to send patches or even more comfortable fork the project on github

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